Boxwood Country Manor Wreath - Round - 20 in


Elevate your space with the enchanting allure of our 20-inch Preserved Boxwood Country Manor Wreath. This round wreath, meticulously crafted from real preserved boxwood leaves, exudes a rich green vibrancy, reflecting the authentic beauty of nature. Its generous size makes it an impeccable choice for grand doorways, expansive walls, or as a captivating centerpiece on large banquet tables. The intricate vine base adds a touch of rustic elegance, ensuring its versatility across a myriad of décor styles. Whether you're aiming for a countryside charm or a sophisticated ambiance, this wreath seamlessly integrates, offering a touch of nature's magnificence to any setting.

• Round wreath
• Diameter: 20 inch
• Inside / Hole Diameter: 11 inch (approximate)
• Vine base
• Made of Real Preserved Boxwood to maintain a lush green color and natural texture
• Not plastic or artificial
Recommended for Indoor Use Only