Faith Phone Charm Cross Glass Beads - Multi Color


How to attach your phone charm:

Take your phone out of its case.
Find the mute button opening on the phone case. (if you don't have one on your case, you can use a different side opening.)
Insert the looped end of the phone charm through the mute button opening. Do not pull the gemstones through the hole.
Tie a knot by using the looped end. Open the loop with one hand and pass the beaded part of the charm through to form a (lark's head) knot.

  • Attach to your mobile phone case
  • Features three silver-tone crosses and a "faith" charm tag
  • Crystal Pearls/ Shungite/Glass Beads
  • These premium heirloom-quality crystal pearls are lead-free, sustainably manufactured, and environmentally friend
  • Natural gemstones vary in coloring and shape
  • Medals hand-cast in a sacred pilgrimage site in Italy
  • Woven in Mexicali
  • In a box with an inspirational card