Little Duckling Reversible Magnetic Bib


our reversible bib protect baby's outfit from three messy outfit offenders: spills, spit up & constant drool. on top of that, it's got a magnet to keep it together and pull it apart with ease. on top of that, it gives both casual and fancy with a lively print on one side and beautiful embroidery on the other.

  • GOTS certified organic cotton: grown without pesticides & free of harsh chemicals.
  • SewSafe™ magnetic closure strategically placed for easy on and off.
  • fabric is terry-lined for extra absorbency.
  • designed for babies up to 12 lbs.
  • easy care, machine wash.
Easy care instructions:

Close magnetic fasteners before wash and dry to avoid damage
Machine wash cold with like colors.
Dry with full load of laundry on low.
Dry laundry for 30 minutes maximum.
Air dry for 30 min if garment is still damp. No commercial dryers.
No Bleach.
Do not iron.