Cozy Socks Smoothing Foot Mask "Single"


About this product

Sit back and get cozy with Spa Life’s intensely moisturizing foot masks! These sock-like masks are enriched with cocoa butter to help heal the look of dry, uncomfy feet and cracked heels, while added peppermint oil helps cool and refresh tired soles. • Sock-like masks are easy-to-use & mess free • Cocoa Butter: intensely moisturizes the look of dry feet • Peppermint Oil: cooling & deodorizing to refresh feet.
LET'S DO THIS: • Wash & dry feet. • Cut along middle seal to separate & open socks. • Slip feet into socks & secure ankle tab. • Leave on for 30-60 mins. • Remove & discard (one-time use only). • Massage remaining cream into skin. No need to rinse!